Thursday, October 28, 2010

Let's start with a new chapter :)

hye, i just make up this new blog.
I wanna start all new.

well, this semester is kinda hard though.
before this we can chill, we can relax, we can play.
but this time, if we don't focus, we are left behind.
this sem I barely walk out around my campus area.
ntahlaa, malas daa.

I just went out on some weekends with some totally close to my heart friends.
which is Ieka :) sayang kamu babe.
we when out and have some fun till we are totally exhausted :)

Wawa & Ieka

Ieka with her teh tarik & cheese nan bread :)

Before the movie starts !

Ieka & Wawa gonna have some fun with the go-carts :D

She's the most companion I can ever ask for. She's always there for me every moment, unless she have some test or something came up.

In friendship we need to give and take too.

Btw, we just have fun with each other, we don't bother others right :)