Friday, November 5, 2010


hey hoo!
hehee. the last post I wrote was after I finished my first paper ayte.
then I get busy with my 2nd & 3rd final examination paper.
well, I swear am too busy because my final is on
Saturday & Sunday.

no gap huh? ;(
well, I struggled, I've cried & and I'm done with those papers :)
so hope for the best, with my crossed fingers.
please pass with beautiful rainbow colours.. like softener Daia. hahaa.

oh my God,
am totally to blurp out to others,
I am currently studying in Perlis Indera Kayangan.
and on the beautiful date,

OI NOVEMBER 2010 - 011110 ( nice right?)
* so not on kayangan land all ready. hahaa.

It all starts on the monday evening, where the water level rises.
The river flows become stronger and stonger...
The water reach until the height of knee and certain places until the chest..
and more than that..
Lots of students that stays outside the campus are being transferred into the campus territory.
This is because my campus doesn't flood. high mainland :)
However, we did not realises that the water supply is gonna run out.
Therefore on monday we had some problem. It's actually kinda of major problemo.

p/s : since it starts to heavy flood. all vehicles can't move. so majority people move from one place to another by lorries, tracks, jip or boat from POLICE, PALAPES & FIREFIGHTERS.

02 NOVEMBER 2010 - 021110
* when the problem came.. huhuu.

Ouh today I got my 4th paper :) at noon.
So I wake up, and start to study - superb last minute species ;p
Then suddenly around 12, I overheard rumours that the water is gonna run out.
Damn it, I need to wash the hair people, so I rush & have my shower.
Aaaauuuww, the water feels so good, as if I am having fun at some cool & cold waterfall :)
Then, I went for my examination, and after I finished my paper.
The water is out already. Besides that, the food supply are also out since afternoon.
This is because yesterday 'banjir' right? So there is no supply of raw food to cook & the cook himself have some difficulties to come to the canteen..
It's like a survivor programme ouh, people are fighting over food. not fighting literally laa.
they just buy all the food for their storage, such as maggie mee, buns, biscuits and mineral water for drinking.

p/s : thank you God, I bought Curry Maggie Mee the day before, fuh.. (sigh)

03 NOVEMBER 2010 - 031110
* thank you to 'pakcik' tractor from delivering those water.

Starting today is where everybody feel the presence of no-water. huahuahauhaua :(( sobbing*
so pathetic right? hurm, but thank you, thank you to Unit Ladang for preparing the water delivery. every hour 'pakcik' tractor came to deliver ( every hour? kind of laa )
Can you guys imagine like hundreds of girls, struggling to receive water from 'pakcik'.. and that cute mister (he's elderly okayh) just could not resist smiling at these ladies attitudes.
ouh ya, the whole day there is no rain at all.
At night I went to karaoke with some friends. yeah, I can died of boredness kot..
Btw, I had a blast, relieved that I can sing after a while :)

p/s : that night, I manage to wash 8 t-shirts & 2 panties with only one pail :) awesome kan? yeah!

04 NOVEMBER 2010 - 041110
* attitudes & cash money are gone.

The ATM machine in my campus ran out of cash money, oh nooo!! the food is already limited,
but when there is no money how will the students especially me who wants to buy stuff & things.. huhuuuu.
Besides that, people attitude are turning into water cannibal you know! people really fight for water today, I meant literally rushed, fight, cut in the queu and many more.
just to get water today, well to my observation.. this occurs maybe because 'pakcik' tractor
doesn't supply the water like he did yesterday. so people are struggling to get the water.
well, everbody gets their water, good :)
at mignight, suddenly i heard capten voice, he's mad at some bunch of girls.. wasting the water.
or sort of like that, but am sure it is about the water issue.
see, how "WATER CANNIBAL" are they? heehehehee.

p/s : It is the same faces wo struggle to get the water everytime, EVERYTIME the water tractor came. hey, think of others too okay, I don't get why those people used lots of water, but actually they can save & use less. please note that water are limited. let othes get their share too.

05 NOVEMBER 2010 -051110
* bless for the water.

Early this morning, it shows that there is sign of the water is back in business, yyyiippeee yeay!
Today I can shampoo my hair & have a splendid shower, ouh yeah!!
but 'berebut jugak' because the water just getting pump in, people have started to use it.
"haih, bawak bersabaq sket leh tak?"
there's nothing much happen today, just that the water, food & supply is okay now.
just that cash money are not available in my campus. therefore, in order withdraw your money,
you'll need to wait for the campus bus ride to Arau to withdraw some money.

p/s : today seems like the day is turning into normal, please stay normal like this Arau.

That's all from me.


  1. Ahhh... thank god there's water in the college.
    The feeling of having proper shower and taking a dump (especially after 3 days of holding it) is eternal~

  2. ouh, yeah things back to normal now :)
    how bout you? your house?
    hope everthings is okay though.

  3. Everything's alright. Except that my house has no water still.
    So I need to go to the college just to bathe and shyte...
    Just another 5 days to go before I get out of this hell hole...

  4. yeah. I am glad that college gets the water supply! all the best :)

    -dugaan & cobaan la my dear-