Monday, November 8, 2010

the pathway of my dreams

This is me CURRENTLY.

I am so dead meat laa people. I don't even started yet any inch of the book for my final examination this Thursday. Damn it aaaarrgghhh. It's not that I don't even try, I did tried, but things just don't work out. Am I going to be crazy? Last night I even thinking of quitting my studies. Wawa please don't do that stupid dumb dumb action. There's only one semester left to graduate, amin amin. This financial subject makes me want to quit, that's super hard right, I mean like I won't despair without any reasonable causes. If I do have the reason, I'll try all my best to stand by and fight back. But this finance just couldn't hold me anymore. Relax babe, chill chill.. soothing down.. inhale.. exhale.. inhale.. exhale...

I can't wait for this moment to be my reality.

I am so excited to finish my studies. ouh, cepatlah habis pleash! Can't wait to get out from this. I want to study another thing, way different from this in my degree. I hoping that my parents are going to approve me with my decision.. but there's a lot of time to talk about? A lot, am I sure bout it? aaarrgghhh. Next semester is my final semester, where we should apply for our degree in advance. I don't want to do business anymore or anything like it. Financing, Human Resource and so on. It's just tiring my mind I thing. I want to do something that occurs outside the room. It's not like that I want to take Engineering or something like that, I just want to enjoy my future job.

Love the work dude!

When I enjoy my job, I won't be lazy. Then my productivity of work quality for sure is the best. Then this will guarantee one of my life happiness for sure. wow, I think that much huh? sorry guys, you must think my thoughts are too far to think of right. what to do, this is me - Wawa Tqa. I do dream of a life full of happiness, where I will have a job I love, a family that supports me, a husband that will always be my side, some babies that will make me laugh & cry :') Actually, I can't wait to get into marriage life though, crazee right? hahaa, I just can't resist the world full of sinful things but awesome much. aaarrgghhh, sigh*


Cuddle is fun & loveable

A happy family is what I'm dream of.

letters to my boo :


I love you yayang, although there's nothing yet between us but our care of each other makes me feel so blissful ♥ ♥ ♥ . I am happy that you accompany my life. although sometimes you make me feel crabby towards you but somehow I am more passionate with you. You are lucky okay! I miss you everyday, everytime & every seconds to be exact. If only we be together, I can't bear to be apart with you. Nevermind, I'll be tolerant. Bye love :D
Lots of ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥,
your baby :)


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