Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Rawr Returns ! Haha :D

Oh my goshhh peeps. It's almost 10 months since the last I wrote a post.
Sumpah confirm page ni lapuk - lapuk kan.. arghhh.
So in my previous post, I told ya kan I am gonna finish my diploma this year.

And yeay ! I am graduating this October baby ! oh yeahh :D Hehee.
Besides that, I get to continue my studies for degree..

in UITM SHAH ALAM ! weeee ~

Oh yes another important thing,
I wanna wish ' hAPPy raMadHAn ' to all :)
Okay I am late kan kan? tkpeee nak wish jgak ! tak kiraa.. hee.

This Ramadhan I have so much fun with my family after 8 years, baru dpt merasa berpuasa at home full . plus, I also have awesome time with mama in the kitchen yawww !

Baking baking (: So myb later I'll share some recipes with you ! So stay tuned !

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