Thursday, August 18, 2011

Baking Recipe #01

Hello everybody :)

These year Ramadhan is a very exciting month for my mum & I in the kitchen :D
As I said before, we're having fun in baking baking baking baking aannddd BAKING !
So, do you want this recipe for the dessert below?? Nak nak nak?
Heee, kalau nak and suke, like and share this post okay :)

Bahan - bahan :

- 4 biji telur putih sahaja ( kalau telur tuh kecik, gunalah 5 biji)
- 250ml gula

- 3 sudu besar tepung gandum

- 1 sudu kecik perisa vanilla
- 1 sudu kecik cuka

- 1 kotak / 250ml whipping cream. Jangan beli yang whip cream spray tuh, beli yang
kotak punyer tau.

- Buah strawberry / peach / kiwi (ikut kuantiti yang dikehendaki)

- Perkakas yang harus ada ialah blender, mixer & oven

Cara - cara nak buat, be prepared yeah !

First of all sediakan bahan bahan tu lah. So wawa ikot cara wawa k,

1. Blend gula sikit sikit so that gula tuh hancur. lps blend tuh nnt gula tuh akn jd mcm bedak or powder.

2. Asingkan telur putih and kuning. Amik putih je.

3. Sediakan suma bahan dlm mangkuk siap siap. Gula yg dh jd powder satu mangkuk, telur putih satu mangkuk, tepung gandum satu mangkuk, perisa vanilla stu mangkuk, cuka satu mangkuk. Bubuh biar teratur and ikot sukatan tau

4. Pre-heat oven at 140 Celsius untuk 20 - 25 min.

5. Lepas dah sediakan suma bahan td, amik telur td trus tuang dalam bekas yg nk pukul telur tuh (machine baking tuh)
Pkul smp dia dah gebu, sila tukar speed ikot susunan ka. mcm mula mula 1, pastuh 2, then 3. lps tuh turun balik 3, then 2, then 1. baru switch off. Jangan pakat speed tak tentu, nnt texture dia x sekata.

6. Masukkan gula dlm gaulan tuh, masuk sikit sikit, jgn selonggok.

7. Masukkan tepung jagung pulak, slowly jgk.

8. Then masukkan perisa Vanilla.

9. Masukkan cuka.

10. Biar machine tu gaul smp lahh gebu. Nanti bila pre-heat dh hbs, tuangkan meringue td dlm bekas yg dah disapu dgn butter or grease kt sekeliling. Better sapu butter sblm start any process pkul pkul telur tuh. hehehe.

11. Time tuangkan meringue tuh, tak payah kena tepi. then if tak sekata pon takpa. tuang pastikan dia dari tengah sebar ke tepi.

12. Lps tuh mskkn dlm oven. utk 15 min pertama at 140 Celsius, then another 75 mins at 120 Celcius.

13. Sementara tuh cuci lah semua, terutama yg machine baking tu, yg pkol telur sumaa tuh.

14. Untuk sediakan TOPPING PAVLOVA pulak, 15min sblm meringue dlm oven tuh hbs heat. Amik whipping cream tuh, then tuang dlm bekas machine pukul gaul tuh. gaul smp dia gebu, jgn smp dia dh mcm nk keras ketul tau. biar dia gebu naik je.

15. Potong buah buah tu ikot citarasa sendiri,

16. PERINGATAN : Apabila meringue dah masak, elok hbs timer tuh trus bukak pintu oven okay untuk 10 - 15 saat. Then bawak keluar meringue tu.

17. Ubah meringue ke dlm pinggan hidang. Lepas tuh bubuh whip cream yg kita buat tadi ats dia. Then sapu bg elok. And hias guna buah buah tuh And ready to be eat

NOTES : Benda meringue tulah plg fragile actually. Kalau buat tak menjadi, nnt dia susah nak berbentuk, kira nnt dia mcm kek roboh kalau x jadi sgt.

NOTES : if nk potong, guna pisang kek recipe tuh, takpayah bergerigi and tajam sbb menda ni lembut ja

then wallaaaa, you get this ! (:


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Rawr Returns ! Haha :D

Oh my goshhh peeps. It's almost 10 months since the last I wrote a post.
Sumpah confirm page ni lapuk - lapuk kan.. arghhh.
So in my previous post, I told ya kan I am gonna finish my diploma this year.

And yeay ! I am graduating this October baby ! oh yeahh :D Hehee.
Besides that, I get to continue my studies for degree..

in UITM SHAH ALAM ! weeee ~

Oh yes another important thing,
I wanna wish ' hAPPy raMadHAn ' to all :)
Okay I am late kan kan? tkpeee nak wish jgak ! tak kiraa.. hee.

This Ramadhan I have so much fun with my family after 8 years, baru dpt merasa berpuasa at home full . plus, I also have awesome time with mama in the kitchen yawww !

Baking baking (: So myb later I'll share some recipes with you ! So stay tuned !

Monday, November 8, 2010

the pathway of my dreams

This is me CURRENTLY.

I am so dead meat laa people. I don't even started yet any inch of the book for my final examination this Thursday. Damn it aaaarrgghhh. It's not that I don't even try, I did tried, but things just don't work out. Am I going to be crazy? Last night I even thinking of quitting my studies. Wawa please don't do that stupid dumb dumb action. There's only one semester left to graduate, amin amin. This financial subject makes me want to quit, that's super hard right, I mean like I won't despair without any reasonable causes. If I do have the reason, I'll try all my best to stand by and fight back. But this finance just couldn't hold me anymore. Relax babe, chill chill.. soothing down.. inhale.. exhale.. inhale.. exhale...

I can't wait for this moment to be my reality.

I am so excited to finish my studies. ouh, cepatlah habis pleash! Can't wait to get out from this. I want to study another thing, way different from this in my degree. I hoping that my parents are going to approve me with my decision.. but there's a lot of time to talk about? A lot, am I sure bout it? aaarrgghhh. Next semester is my final semester, where we should apply for our degree in advance. I don't want to do business anymore or anything like it. Financing, Human Resource and so on. It's just tiring my mind I thing. I want to do something that occurs outside the room. It's not like that I want to take Engineering or something like that, I just want to enjoy my future job.

Love the work dude!

When I enjoy my job, I won't be lazy. Then my productivity of work quality for sure is the best. Then this will guarantee one of my life happiness for sure. wow, I think that much huh? sorry guys, you must think my thoughts are too far to think of right. what to do, this is me - Wawa Tqa. I do dream of a life full of happiness, where I will have a job I love, a family that supports me, a husband that will always be my side, some babies that will make me laugh & cry :') Actually, I can't wait to get into marriage life though, crazee right? hahaa, I just can't resist the world full of sinful things but awesome much. aaarrgghhh, sigh*


Cuddle is fun & loveable

A happy family is what I'm dream of.

letters to my boo :


I love you yayang, although there's nothing yet between us but our care of each other makes me feel so blissful ♥ ♥ ♥ . I am happy that you accompany my life. although sometimes you make me feel crabby towards you but somehow I am more passionate with you. You are lucky okay! I miss you everyday, everytime & every seconds to be exact. If only we be together, I can't bear to be apart with you. Nevermind, I'll be tolerant. Bye love :D
Lots of ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥,
your baby :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Mr. X

Have you ever wondered somebody that is so pigheaded turns into mellow fella ? ouh I just did not imagine, I am the reason that person turned like that. Aauuww, I am so exhilarated bout this. hehee,.

I've known Mr. X since years go by. but, not exactly closed just as acquaintance. But, early this year we've made personal contact. Not just as some people I knew, but as a friend :) Truthfully because I need somebody to accompany me, yeah I don't like being alone. Never ever does. As I were saying, when I am being friends with someone, I trully am giving out my best as your friends. Plus, I like to say things out straight to Mr. X, such as what I want, how I want things to be, small matters that I dislikes and all itsy bitsy stuff. Sometimes when Mr. X called I am just fooling and drooling around.. wasting his time - hahhaaha.

But I didn't realised yet at that moment that I've made Mr. X smiled.. I even didn't realised that he's falling for me, ouh how foolish am I. How could I tell as my heart is not there with him because I am looking without notice that he's just there right by my side. Maybe because when the first time I've known he's kinda cold hearted type of person until I didn't realised he've kept a warm spot in his little small heart with spacious to grow more. yes I know, I've made you smiled & you too made me smiled..

just like the song 'Smile' by Uncle Kracker.

You make me smile like the sun
Fall out of bed, sing like bird
Dizzy in my head, spin like a record
Crazy on a Sunday night
You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold, buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Ohh, you make smile

isn't there resemblance in my love story?
Opsie daisy I've said it out.
This is how it starts and I hope it's eternal.
Let's hope for the best, I'll write in for whatever happens in the future. So stay awaits for more upcoming stories :)

I heart you Mr. X, you makes my heart jump out of joy.

serabot kepala otak ku - BIOL

hye people.

arini entah kenapa, kepala otak runsing je. nak study mmg laa nak. tp ape pasal tak tau tak mula mula. I don't even know how to start it. gilaa kan, gila gilaa gilaaa! I rasa mcm nak berenti suma bende yg terjadi kt dunia ni. seriusly :(

sometimes I felt so lonely, I don't know why this happen. yeah, I supposed life without love could work out. mmg work out pon, tapi mcm tak tahan laa. dulu I thought I have friends for life, life laa sgt. bukannye my friends tak best, tp everybody have their own thoughts. tapi kan, kenapa perlu ade kawan yang buat cerita pasal kawan sendiri huh? it makes me felt sad..

for me, friends are priority. but somehow I can't hang around and stick with them. or they're the one that can accept me. hm, ape yg I cakapkan ni?? serabot mental & jiwa. I sincerely being friends with everbody, but last last I yg kena teruk. Just to save your butt, you should not reveal others secret or worst make stories of others to save yourselves. btw, ape yg I tuliskan ni takde nak tuju kat sape2.. because I experienced this since a long time ago. and I don't want to mind sbb it's just gonna hurts.

when friends are gone, you turn to your love ones. well at least I did like that (bukannya my love tak penting okay). the problem is, the person that I thought they were my love actually are not. sounds super pathetic kan? yeah I know we're not engaged or something, but at least there's a path towards it. tak, tak you just shove it off. how wonderful & perfect with the condition of somebody with nobody to rely on. just superb marvelous ( betoi ka ape I eja ni? ) kenapa laa I asyik mengeluh nieh..

study study study? sumpah angin study tak mau lalu kat I. hujan lebat, banjir suma dah lalu dah.. angin belajaq ni tak mai mai lagi.. ciisstt. please laa, next subjek is so hard and I donno hell out of anything. pleash :( I got two more papers to gooo!!

p/s : please ignore ape ke bende yg I tuliskan nieyh. certain things tu entah betol ke tak I dok ckpkan, serabot kepala laa! so don't talk shyte. hahaha. have a nice day :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Heart Matters

I want to be loved by others,
I want to have a serius relationship,
I want to be cared by,
but somehow, I'm not ready yet.
Just be patient, let my heart rest from the past pain.

-bubu chacha-

my aqmar :)

this is my super neighbour & my precious hometown friend.
nurul aqmar. i LOVE her okeyh.

dear my syg,
I hope our friendship will be everlasting, without anymore obstacle. aku syg kaw tau~
You are my sunshine when I'm back in our hometown, I luff to go out with, however busy schedule always envy us kn? huhuu, nvm. we are super tough soul babes! we'll try to find a way to be together for once ;) ouh, so less oh me. hahaa,, kiddin' yunk, I want u to know, when good or bad times, am oweyx here for you syg. tell me everything, as we have the same heart & soul... this is super awesome right? =) I'll promise honey that there'll be one moment where we escape from our hectic life and go somewhere that we called wild & fun for us. but not doing some stupid stuff, we'll go for some awesome time! hhhheeeellllllllllllllllllllllllllll yyyyyeeeeaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!

btw, protect our friendship may no one can come & ruin it, not even for some dimpwit fella or some sucker boys.. love ya till end my friend ;)