Sunday, November 7, 2010

serabot kepala otak ku - BIOL

hye people.

arini entah kenapa, kepala otak runsing je. nak study mmg laa nak. tp ape pasal tak tau tak mula mula. I don't even know how to start it. gilaa kan, gila gilaa gilaaa! I rasa mcm nak berenti suma bende yg terjadi kt dunia ni. seriusly :(

sometimes I felt so lonely, I don't know why this happen. yeah, I supposed life without love could work out. mmg work out pon, tapi mcm tak tahan laa. dulu I thought I have friends for life, life laa sgt. bukannye my friends tak best, tp everybody have their own thoughts. tapi kan, kenapa perlu ade kawan yang buat cerita pasal kawan sendiri huh? it makes me felt sad..

for me, friends are priority. but somehow I can't hang around and stick with them. or they're the one that can accept me. hm, ape yg I cakapkan ni?? serabot mental & jiwa. I sincerely being friends with everbody, but last last I yg kena teruk. Just to save your butt, you should not reveal others secret or worst make stories of others to save yourselves. btw, ape yg I tuliskan ni takde nak tuju kat sape2.. because I experienced this since a long time ago. and I don't want to mind sbb it's just gonna hurts.

when friends are gone, you turn to your love ones. well at least I did like that (bukannya my love tak penting okay). the problem is, the person that I thought they were my love actually are not. sounds super pathetic kan? yeah I know we're not engaged or something, but at least there's a path towards it. tak, tak you just shove it off. how wonderful & perfect with the condition of somebody with nobody to rely on. just superb marvelous ( betoi ka ape I eja ni? ) kenapa laa I asyik mengeluh nieh..

study study study? sumpah angin study tak mau lalu kat I. hujan lebat, banjir suma dah lalu dah.. angin belajaq ni tak mai mai lagi.. ciisstt. please laa, next subjek is so hard and I donno hell out of anything. pleash :( I got two more papers to gooo!!

p/s : please ignore ape ke bende yg I tuliskan nieyh. certain things tu entah betol ke tak I dok ckpkan, serabot kepala laa! so don't talk shyte. hahaha. have a nice day :)

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